Friday morning run

This morning I felt super motivated to go running. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday evening knowing that I’ll take a rest from gym today and that the weater forecast promised gorgeous spring weather with 19°C for today. Well, unfortunately that only applies for the afternoon – when I’ll be sitting in the office with no chance of going out for a run- and in the morning it’s still pretty cold, 6°C to be exact.

IMG_20150410_084051I woke up at 6 am as usually, had breakfast and then I started checking the thermometer every 10 minutes to see if it got any warmer. But it just didn’t want to, it remained showing 6°C and I just got enough of waiting for the weather. I don’t like running when it’s this cold, but this morning it couldn’t stop me. I put on my long sleeve Under Armour and a light running jacket, added an extra scarf and a bit after 07:30 I was on my way. I only ran about 20 minutes, but it felt so good, so refreshing! I actually feel energized now that I did my morning run, took a shower and refueled with a cup of fresh orange juice and some strawberries. I am ready for whatever comes along today!


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