Active weekend!

I love love love this spring weather! My mood is always better when the sun is out and I can ditch the jacket and put on sunglasses instead. It is also a super motivation for me to get active – I literally can stay sit inside when I see how gorgeous it is outside. This happened yesterday afternoon – I got home around 4:30 pm from work and after cooking up a bowl of oatmeal I just hopped on my bike and went to the park for a good 40 minute biking.

20150410_175839There’s a pretty good incline, hill at the park, so I’m usually taking rounds biking up then sliding down on the other side. A group of professional cyclists was training there too, so it should really be good as a training! I was biking until my legs were really sore – and it was such a great feeling! But I wasn’t too tired to get active today either!

Screenshot_2015-04-11-13-16-24There’s this island in the city that has a 5k running track along its coast. I had always wanted to go there to run, but somehow I had never gotten to go – until today! I was so excited about the 21°C outside, that I didn’t mind travelling there and back for a run. Running along the coast next to the Danube makes it such a nice run! I will snap some pictures if I go there next time.

And I managed to eat completely clean today too, drinking loads of water, eating fresh fruits and veggies! So this is a pretty healthy and fit weekend so far. And it’s not the end: we’re going hiking with my mom tomorrow! I’ll post about it on Monday probably ^-^


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