Sunday hiking!

I was so excited for this hike. We’ve been planning it for about a week and the weather seemed perfect too. So in the morning I prepared our food for the trip:

  • sandwiches made of whole grain buns with chicken breast ham
  • banana and apples
  • home made trail mix
  • a big bottle of water for both of us

P1060358We went to the little town where the trail started by train and then after 10 minutes of walking, we found ourselves in the woods already. I originally had a windbreaker on, but I had to take it off after another 10 minutes as the weather just got warmer – we also had lots of sunshine even though we were walking inside the forest.

P1060277There were leaves everywhere – it looked like it was fall. Though if you looked up you could see the trees were already pretty green, though they still need a few weeks to fully come into leaf.

P1060298It was fun, I love walking thorugh the leaves, climbing up on trunks along the way and just enjoying the freedom you can only feel in the nature. My mom must have been so annoyed with me though as I stopped every five minutes saying ‘ooh, wait, let me take a picture!’, hahaha! Sometimes she joined in and we took some hilarious pictures – she would kill me if I posted them, so I’ll keep them for the family album.

P1060343The trail got super steep at some point so it was a real victory when we finally arrived to the hundred year old look-out tower. The view from up there was simply amazing. We rested there for half and hour then decided to go on and get off the hill. Well, that wasn’t so easy because we didn’t know the exact way and we ended up on a trail that took us up to another mountain first before finally leading us down.

140813The view was still gorgeous. Though here, where this picture was taken the slope was so steep we actually got a bit scared. I had to almost slide down, squatting, trying to grab the roots as I passed by. Eventually our hike lasted 5 fours and left our legs sore and shaking. I was a bit afraid because even I was feeling my quads, calves and butt by the time we got back to the town and it made me worried about my mom who does no sports. (She wants to get fit and active though, this was the first step and I gotta say I am really proud of her, she’s a true figher who would never give up. She is my idol, I hope one day I can be as strong as her.)

P1060346Overall, I had a great time hiking with Mom! I felt amazing in the nature and great for being active! Actually this hike was just as good as a leg day – so I am seriously thinking about doing an upper body workout instead of legs on Monday this week – but just this once! I’ll see how sore this hike will leave me tomorrow!


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