TomTom Runner! {Review}

P1060427I just love my new TomTom Runner watch! I already posted about buying a new watch and it has just arrived yesterday (two days earlier than the estimated delivery, thanks a lot Amazon!). I was so excited to see how it works!

I set it up in the evening – for that I had to take the watch out of the strap and connect it to my computer. Everything with setting it up was so easy and went smoothly. My watch synched with where I have my previous runs tracked, so I didn’t even have to set my personal data on the watch, it had everything already! My age, height, weight, it was super convenient! Just as all the other settings. I watched a video about its menu before and it turned out to be really easy to use so it took me no time to set everything properly.

P1060406And then today I finally got to run with the watch. The weather is stil goergeous, almost 25°C and sunshine so I felt super motivated! The watch connected to the gps really fast and it was easy to customize the display even on the way – I put distance on the biggest slot and had speed and elapsed time on the upper slots. It was so convenient that I didn’t have to suffer with unlocking my phone and I could just look at the watch and had all the data right there! It was also really comfortable – I have a pretty small wrist but TomTom fits perfectly. And looks great! From the pictures on Amazon I thought it was more like purple but it turned out to be pink actually and it maches half of my gym wear perfectly!

Névtelen-1After I got home from running, I connected the watch to my computer again and it synced all the data. It automatically opens TomTom’s My Sport platform, but at the same time I also found everything on my Mapmyfintess page too! I like looking at my stats afterwards, though I could already check the splits on the watch.

I am so happy with this watch, it was one of my best decisions to choose TomTom! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a GPS watch for running! (P.S. have I mentioned that it’s waterproof? Now I wo’t have any excuses if it starts raining!)


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