Just a little update

Sorry guys for being a bit inactive this past week, but I was pretty busy. There is a social movement going on here – our government is trying to cancel majors and take away the autonomy of the universities here. We decided we won’t let them so the past few ways were spent with organizing the students and supporters. We held a forum at the university after which about 1500 students and teachers rallied together to the Ministry of Education to send a message. It was only partially heard so the protests continue tomorrow.

studentprotestforumBut no worries, I’ve been keeping up with my workouts! I made Saturday a rest day, but on Sunday before visiting my grandparents I hopped on the treadmill to try how my TomTom’s treadmill function works. I ran 7 km and it showed 6.2 km, so it’s not perfect, but maybe if I always calibrate it, after a while it’ll be more precise. Anyways, I did this 7 km in a really comfortable 9.5 km/h pace and it felt really good! Tomorrow I’m planning on going for a run outside in the morning and then gym in the afternoon! After having a rest day today -oh so sore from leg day yesterday- can’t wait to be back tomorrow!

treadmill7kaprilThe third important thing occupying my time lately is studying. At the end of the semester we have a lot of presentations to do and tests to write and the bigger exams start in three weeks too. So if I don’t want to fall into the trap of having to study the whole semester in a few days before the exam, I should really prepare now. In these times healthy snacks are crucial for me! I just need to munch on something when studying, so I try to at least choose healthy options. It usually looks somehow like this: a plate of fruit and nuts, this time banana, apple, walnuts and a teaspoon of peanut butter, yumm! An of course a huge mug of green tea!

studyhealthysnacksaprilWhat do you guys like to snack on while studying?


One thought on “Just a little update

  1. oh no! I hope everything at your university works out okay!
    Your snack plate looks delicious! My favorite study snacks are fruit, trail mix, cereal, and popcorn! 🙂 Good luck studying!!

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