Saturday mini hike

My weekend plans got cancelled, but I still wanted to do something before gym on Satuday, and since the weather was awesome, I convinced my mom to get out of the apartment, so we went on a mini hike! I say mini hike, because it’s basically just a bigger hill in the city and it only took us about 20 minutes to get up there.

IMG_20150425_150653My mom hated me for the stairs that lead up to the top. She said even though our last hike was supposed to be tougher, she still didn’t feel as bad as now, since that one didn’t have stairs. I think it wasn’t too much, I actually didn’t even feel my heart rate go up.

PANO_20150425_151731However, the view from up there is gorgeous! You can see the Danube and the whole city at your feet. A few years ago we came here a lot with my cousin, just to sit down and talk and watch the sun set behind the mountains to our left.

IMG_20150425_152325At the top is our version of the statue of liberty. Lots of teenagers and people in their twenties come up there and also just sit at the base of the statue. In the summer there are even a few vendors up there in case you wanna get a cold drink or an ice cream. We stopped for just about 10 mins then took the way down on the other side of the hill -where my gym happens to be! It was just a little more than an hour, but it was still great to get some fresh air and sunshine at such a nice spring afternoon!



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