Learn to laugh at yourself

I couldn’t believe myself today. I was on my way to the gym, almost there, when I looked into my gym bag and I realized I forgot to bring my shoes. How can you go to the gym without shoes?! First I was just a bit shocked, then I started laughing. I could have been mad or grumpy, but I believe in situations like this, you should just let it go and laugh! And based on my experiences, if something goes wrong, it can still turn out to be amazing later! As it did!

IMG_20150429_152846I went back home, but since by that time the weather got really good, I decided not to head back to the gym. I just put on my running shoes and went for a run, this time in the city instead of the park. I was planning to run 5 km, along that avenue that leads right to the city center and back, but at the time I reached 5k, I didn’t feel like stopping. The sun was shining, I felt energetic, so I just kept on running and added extra 2 kms, making the run 7 km overall!

IMG_20150429_161158So actually it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon! I will have to make up for skipping doing back today though! But I’ll leave that for tomorrow. After finishing up I walked a little bit in the park, did my post run stretching and just enjoyed the sunshine, the kids and dogs running around. It just felt so perfect! Can’t wait for more sunny days like this to come!



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