Workout videos: bent over barbell row

I’ve been writing a lot about running lately, but my true passion is still bodybuilding, getting stronger in the gym. I am still a lifter, not a runner – who loves to run for cardio and for fun. So I decided to write more about my workouts again, maybe sometimes accompanied by videos! I sometimes record myself on my phone in order to check my form later, and this time I decided to share one of these with you guys!

2c2f656160c6e3fbd82cd356febee7d5Bent over barbell row is one of my favourite back exercises. If you do it with a proper form and find the weight that works for you, I guarantee you will feel it in your back. However, this is an exercise in which proper form is crucial, otherwise you can hurt yourself, especially your lower back. I wrote the key points on the video, but forgot one: keep your core engaged the whole time to further stabilize your upper body! I hope you’ll enjoy this short video and hope it will help you learn the proper form for this exercise!

Let me know what you think guys!

P.S. sorry for the low quality! I wasn’t planning to upload it when I recorded, maybe next time I’ll take my camera instead of the phone!


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