Tumblr inspiration

Whenever I need inspiration for working out, I go to Tumblr. Sometimes when I feel too lazy to head to the gym, I scroll through my tumblr feed full of ‘fitspiration’ and I usually immadiately feel enthusiastic, energetic and in the mood. These times I just quickly shut down my computer, grab my gym stuff/put on my running shoes and I’m out the door before the ‘effect is gone’.

tumblr_my0xjwInxd1s5pwwfo1_500And since they’ve helped me a lot, I would like to share my favourtie fitness motivation Tumblr pages with you guys:

Check them out! Tumblr really is a great source of motivation, all you see is the pictures, you can quickly scroll through them and get the mood instantly! If your search tags like ‘fitness’ ‘fitspiration’ ‘workout’ ‘motivation’ you will get tons of motivational and inspiring pictures!


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