Race coming up tomorrow!

I wasn’t training for a race in particular, but when last week I saw that there will be a 5k race at my uni, I decided to sign up for it! I usually run distances around 5k, so I am sure I can do it – and even though I have never participated in a running race before, I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

I just got my number today, I will be #435!
I just got my number today, I will be #435!

I asked one of my friends, who sometimes trains and run with me to tag along, so we will run together! He’s a guy and he’s tall, which means he’s normally faster than me, but he hasn’t trained much lately, so we should be able to keep the same pace, haha!

Anyways, wish me luck for tomorrow guys, I’ll definitely post about how it was on Wednesday! I will have my TomTom Runner, so I’ll be able to keep track during and after the race, which I will also share with you!

6 thoughts on “Race coming up tomorrow!

  1. Best of Luck! I’ll be running with a friend for the next race I do and I am confident that it will push me to run harder and faster. We’ll see. Have fun!

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