The race – my first 5k done!

Yesterday was just so perfect for the race. The temperature was the highest in weeks (28°C) with gorgeous sunshine. About a thousand people gathered for the race – which happened to be on the same day when a festival at our campus started, which meant there were various fun programs around to try before and after the race.

IMG_20150505_163155The race was about 10 minutes late because of the hundreds of people registering last minute, but once we were off to start, everything went smoothly! I got stuck behind slower people sometimes when the road was too narrow, but overall I could keep a good pace! At the first half my friend was there right behind me, but he slowed down then -for my biggest surprise. I wanted to wait for him to run together, but he waved saying I should just go, so I did.

racemapFunny, my TomTom says it was only 4.87km, though I swear I didn’t cheat anywhere! But you can see, my pace at the first 2 km was the best, then when I was looking for my friend I slowed down a little bit, but then I gained my speed back. The route was perfectly in balance with sunny and shady parts, so it felt like a perfect summer run even though it’s just May yet!


I did a little sprint at the end, though it still wasn’t my fastest, but I just felt like: oh look at all these people still jogging, you can be faster than them!

So using up the last bits of energy I still had I tried to take bigger steps and go faster, with my eyes on the goal and just ran. Crossing the line felt so good!

At the end they handed out T-shirts for the first 400 people, and I’m afraid I missed that, but I still loved it!

IMG_20150505_174653Of course I had to take a selfie at the end! After finishing everybody headed to the water/Getarade station to freshen up, then to eat – since they were handing out little bowls of salads for free, what a nice thought! I don’t really like to eat right after a run, but my friend and all the others loved it! And as I mentioned, there were cool programs around, so after chilling for about 20 mins just sitting in the grass, we decided to have a little fun!

Having fun after the race! 😊🙌😁 #goodtimes #jump #trampoline

A video posted by Slowmotionsmile ( on May 5, 2015 at 11:53am PDT

Oh and as you can see, I now have an instagram profile, where I’ll be posting foodie pictures, gym pictures and lots of motivational and inspiring things, so make sure you follow me! (You can find the page on the top of the sidebar on the right!)


5 thoughts on “The race – my first 5k done!

  1. No, this is the MySports page of TomTom. I was using my TomTom Runner watch during the race, and after connecting it to the computer, I can check my stats and data on their page or on! Pretty cool! But you can download the MapMyFitness app, it’s kinda the same

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