My 5k Race Essantials

I am the kind of person, who makes lists for every occasion. I have a tendency to forget lots of things, so I like to be prepared. It’s not surprise then that I did the same when preparing for heading to the race on Tuesday. These are just a few things that I find important not to forget about:

  1. Running shoesYes, I am totally serious. After leaving to the gym without taking my shoes with me, this was the first thing on my list that I checked at least three times – followed by the clothes. I had neon yellow Nike shorts and sportsbra paired with a simple black top and my pink Adidas running shoes. They are so light, I love them!IMG_20150505_070850
  2. SunscreenProtecting your skin is crucial. Even if there is no direct sunlight, your skin is exposed to the UV rays, so make sure to use sunscreen! I use Eucerin’s Sun Fluid 50SPF+ that is waterproof and sweatproof and works great on my face, and a regular 30SPF sunscreen for my body. Yes, I wanna be tan for the summer too, but health comes first!
    If you are still not convinced, check out this jaw-dropping video below:
  3. SunglassesWell, this one is optional, depends on how well your eyes tolerate sunshine and also I can imagine that it might be bothering for some, but I have pretty sensitive eyes, so I decided to wear sunglasses during the race. Actually I was so focused on the route and on my breathing that they didn’t bother me at allL-Carnitine-Scitec
  4. SupplementsSince my main reason for running is doing cardio and thus burning fat, I didn’t want to miss the chance at the race either. So I took 1000mg L-Carnitine 30 mins before the race to maximize my fat burn. But recovery and protecting your muscles is also important, so I took aminos after the race and before going to sleep too to make sure my recovery process goes fine. A lot of people are afraid of supplements, because they immadiately think of the way-too-big bodybuilder guys, but they are actually helping a lot, you just have to know how to take them. If you are not sure, you can always ask your personal trainer who will be able to help for sure!
  5. MusicA good playlist is crucial for me when running. According to my experiences, a poor choice of music can ruin my whole run. Before I was listening to a playlist my boyfriend made me, but when I knew every second of it by heart already, I knew it was time to change – and that’s when I created that Running Playlist I posted a while ago. I’ve been listening to that for a few weeks now and I love it! Oh and thinking about myself again: music means you cannot leave your earphones at home either! (Been there, done that.)P1060427
  6.  TomTom RunnerEver since I got it, I never go running without my beloved TomTom Runner GPS watch. Some of you were asking what apps I used – I used the watch and as I connect it to my computer later, it automatically uploads all the data to TomTom’s MySports website and also to I used mapmyfitness’ app for my mobile before I got the watch which allows you almost the same stats, but you’ll have to have your phone with you during your run. So if you’re looking for a good app for running, I can highly recommend MapMyFitness!

I think these were the most important thing without which I couldn’t have done the race! And of course the support of bae and my friends, who couldn’t come but their cheering messages welcomed me when I looked at my phone after the race, which really meant a lot! ♡

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