Enjoy the outdoors!

It’s been a few weeks already since the weather has gotten better, but I’m stil really excited about it. Being able to go out without covering up in sweathers and jackets and just seeing the sunshine makes me feel so happy. My exams are coming up (two next weeks already) which means studying all weekend, but I just couldn’t sit inside the apartment with such a gorgeous weather outside, so I decided to pack my notes and go to the park to study instead. And what a great idea it was!

2015-05-09-13-01-00_decoI knew I couldn’t resist the sunshine and stay in the shade so I made sure to put on sunscreen. I spent almost two hours just lying in the grass reading my notes – and I gotta say I was surprisinly effective! I took an apple and a small box of peanuts with me to snack on meanwhile. (I’m so bad, just can’t study without snacks, so at least I try to make healthy choices!) Then I went home for lunch (mom made roasted duck with steamed purple cabbage, yumm!) but just couldn’t sit tight for long, haha! So since I felt a bit lazy to go all the way to the gym, I went for a run instead!

2015-05-09-runI ran towards the city centre again, and today I got lucky, only had to stop at the red light maybe two times. Oh and I have a funny story too! Here we have those big bikes that about 10 people can ride at the same time and they got served beer from the middle of the bike meanwhile. So on the way back I passed one of these beer-bikes with a bunch of Italian guys riding it. As I headed closer to them they started cheering for me and just made me smile. So I decided to sprint really fast when I pass by them and they loved it, started clapping and cheering even more, it was so much fun! It gave a boost for my run for sure. Though I was really catching my breath afterwards, but at least I ran a good time! My normal pace is 6 min/km and overall I did 40 sec better than that during the 4 km!

IMG_20150509_154330My face was super red and I was covered in sweat when I got home, but it felt so good! Sunshine always motivated me and it just feels so great to be active on such a beautiful day! And also to freshen up my mind a little after studying, now I’m good for another round! But I’ll make a smoothie first! πŸ˜‰


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