How I learned to love running

I used to hate running. I always had pain in my sides, could barely breathe and tried to avoid it whenever I could. But as I got into fitness, running -as the best way to do cardio- became inevitable. First I did it because I felt like I had to, to burn more fat and keep my body nice and lean, but as I started running more and more, sometimes on the treadmill, sometimes outdoors I learned to love it. Why?

P1060372Because when I run, I feel alive. I love the feeling of taking big breaths and feeling the oxigen flowing to my lungs, I love to feel the wind on my face, the sunshine on my skin, the good kind of burn in my legs, even the little drops of sweat running down my face. I feel energized, I feel free, I feel alive.

IMG_20150429_161158And I love that I can improve! In bodybuilding usually improvement is measurable when your goal is to lift heavier and heavier weights. But my goal is to tone my body and I work with medium weights, so I lost this measurable feeling of improvement. I improve in my appearance, but you cannot really measure that. But with running I can still improve a lot, set new goals and break records, and it’s such an amazing feeling. When I started fitness about two years ago, I could barely run one kilometer. Then I worked up to two and 3k was my “long distance”. And yes, I was proud of running 3k, because I knew where I started from and I knew you have to go step by step. So I ran again and again, and 3k became a pre-workout warm up. I still cannot run super long distanced, my personal record is 9 kms, but I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m not planning on running a marathon, I might not ever be a true runner, but I want to keep running. For the fun. And for small victories. For toning my body. For feeling alive.


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