New shorts!

I didn’t plan to buy new fitness gear this month for the sake of saving money for the summer, but… oh well. yesterday i met my cousin for lunch at a shopping mall and still had some time to kill before gym, so i decided wandering around wouldn’t hurt. The problem started when i wandered into the Nike store, haha! I’ve been thinking about buying new shorts or pants for gym and running that are not the usual boring black or dark grey but wherever I looked I either didn’t find any that I liked or they just didn’t look good on me when I tried them on. Well, not this time!


I actually was looking at this design on their website before, but I was checking the capri and in pink – but since they didn’t have that I tried this one on and fell in love with it in a minute! I am usually size S but I chose size M this time because these shorts tend to slip up making me feel too exposed and uncomfortable, but this one seems perfect! And I have been getting more and more neon yellow fitness gear lately anyway so they will go perfectly with this new addition! What do you think guys?


4 thoughts on “New shorts!

  1. So adorable! I love patterned workout wear. I find basic black so dull and uninspiring. The yellow looks fab! And so do you! You should post your routine or schedule. I’m having trouble seeing results because I don’t have a workout schedule that I stick to. Nothing has felt “right” yet.

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