Fun times and spinach tuna noodles!

These first two days after my last exam has been so great already! As I wrote about it earlier in my last post, on Thursday I met my friend Kate who is back for a week from Taiwan – and we had so much fun that afternoon!

BP-szabadsaghidWe were actually just walking around the city, it started raining like crazy about three times for ten minutes, but we just laughed it off. She bought a cool cap and we bought gifts for my best friend who’s also in Taiwan. I’ve been thinking about what to get him literally for months, and I finally figured out the perfect gift! He also trains and makes smoothies all the time, but can’t really get protein because it’s super expensive in Taiwan and he’s trying to save money. So I got hime five packets of Scitec 100% Whey Professional one-portion protein powders, in different flavours. That won’t be too heavy for Kate’s luggage but still enough to make a good gift. He’s gonna love it!

IMG_20150611_175844aAnyways after getting everything done we decided to just chill sitting on the Liberty Bridge, talking a lot and watching the sun go down. It was the perfect summer evening!

20150612-snapchatToday was great as well! I had to go to work, but I had time to cook lunch before at home, so I made spinach tune rice noodles. It was so easy and yet turned out so delicious! And also in the office, we had so much fun with the girls. We always talk about lots of stupid girly stuff and laugh a lot, then give thanks that the diplomats don’t speak the language and don’t understand what we’re talking about, otherwise it’d get pretty emberassing in the office haha! No wonder that I left the office at 4 pm in a really good mood, excited for gym! Now that it’s summer there are only a few people in the gym on a Friday afternoon – and what could be better than an empty gym? So I had my second (but lighter) leg day of the week and then a training session with my friend that I help. I am so proud of her! She comes twice a week even though she’s pretty busy and does everything with perfect form right after I show her the first time! It makes training her so perfect! Not to meniton talking for an additional 30 mins over protein shakes after we finish everytime. I love these evenings, and I love days like these!

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