First beach day of the summer!

With the temperature around 34°C today it was a really good decision to spend the day at the beach today! There’s a smaller lake that’s just a 45 mins train ride from the city, making it a perfect location a half-day getaway from the city in the heat.

IMG_20150614_094630aActually today wasn’t one of the sporty and active beach days – we were just chilling at the lakeside, sometimes going into the water and walking around but otherwise just talking and reading. It was great! I kept applying sunscreen so I don’t think I got a tan but it was fine. I got a big bottle of water with me and some sandwiches (whole grain buns and chicken breast ham) and rice cakes to keep me full and away from the super unhealthy beach-foods (fries, hamburgers, etc.) so even though I didn’t work out today, I don’t feel guilty at all.

IMG_20150614_103615I’m so sad though that she’s already going back to Taiwan! Getting one of my friends back for a little time is always so good and parting is always so hard. But I only have to wait a little bit more than one month, because my friend Bianca is coming on the 20th July! I am super excited, and really can’t wait for all our new adventures together!


3 thoughts on “First beach day of the summer!

      1. I bet lol I am irish and white as a ghost I am not going anywhere near the beach till I get some color 😉

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