Breakfast egg muffins

I was planning to spend my day in the library just relaxing and reading books today, but I needed a quick and filling yet healthy breakfast before heading out the door in the morning. So I decided to make these super easy breakfast egg muffins – and boy there were so good!

IMG_20150616_090754The best part is that it’s super easy and quick to make! I wanted to use whole grain toast bread, but we’ve run out of it, so I went with some whole grain rolls my mom brought from the bakery in the morning. I tore it to smaller pieces and stuffed them to the muffin tins. Next I cracked an egg into each one and added the toppings. A dash of salt, shredded cheese and roasted onions. If you feel like it, you could also use ham, smoked salmon or some other meat as topping.

IMG_20150616_092424I popped it into the oven on 160°C for about 15 mins and it was ready! Half the eggs were completely cooked and the other half still had a moist egg yolk, it was really yummy! Oh, just make sure to cover the muffin tins with butter/coconut oil before putting the bread in it, so it won’t stick and you can get the muffins out the tins easily!

IMG_20150616_092552There you go! You could even take these on the go, however, in that case you might want to cook the eggs well because a moist yolk might be too messy to eat on the way, haha!


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