Summer Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to do, but during the school year I just don’t have the time for. So summer is the perfect time to do all these things – and to help me keep track, I usually make a bucket list for the summer, as I did this year too.

I printed the list and put it in a picture frame, so I can cross the items out as I complete them, however I might have to write a new one since I get so many new ideas everyday! My list includes day trips to specific places in my country, running at the riverbank, hiking, river cruises and similar things. Apart from these, here are some additions for my summer bucket list:


Actually I am pretty lucky, because one of my colleagues makes henna tatoos and she said one day she’d draw me one in the office! I have never had henna, but I always wanted to try, so I guess this is the perfect time!9bfb5b0df7d1a7d2c04d9ded1ef349c2

One of the best things in summer is that I finally have time to read. During the semester I always have either some books assigned for us to read, or at least two or three 30-page papers to go through for class so I just don’t have time to sit down and read a book that I chose and actually want to read. I just love that I can go to the library, and sit there all day long reading books. I had one of these library days this week and already finished a 400-page novel in a day. I missed this so much!9c1baaacc5409169e31e0dfbbd5fbece

A lot of my friends who study abroad will come home for the summer, which means sleepovers, which mean movie nights! I love watching our old favourites over and over again! Those that we used to watch when we were 15 and know by heat already. These nights are so much fun!69fe499807203bdb1a28c4c1220ee9eb

Do I have to say more? Sunshine, pools, slides, fun fun fun!89f8e4675a58de4b50d04fc16f0003f9I am the kind of person that always keeps tickets, menus, even small rocks for memories. I have a huge chest full of memories from my childhood and teenage years, but maybe I’ll create a smaller box with the memories of just this summer. Because I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one!


On 20th August we always have gorgeous fireworks, and there’s a big chance that my significant other will be here at that time. Thinking about it reminds me of our kiss in Taipei at the fireworks on New Years Eve, such sweet memories!


Yes! I love taking pictures and luckily my friends too, so there’s bound to be some of these photo sessions this summer when we just randomly go somewhere and have fun taking pictures, doing funny poses!783115d7ab8fad70b1a5bf8ec2853cdb

This is another plan I want to do with him when he’s here (by the way I have a whole other bucket list for that, we both have awful memory so I’ve been writing down all our ideas for what to do together so we won’t forget, haha!). I don’t know how come we haven’t done this before, but photo booths are so much fun, so definitely can’t skip this one this time!a4c26058ec93f8b7d94411dc20cef12b

I just saw a few weeks ago, that the rooftop garden of one of the shopping centres in the city centre has a trampoline park and I just can’t wait to go and try! Too bad I don’t have a go pro, I could take awesome pics and videos jumping there for sure!a297d1d9bf6fde26d03cf2be25d47d18

I would love to find a note from a stranger in a library book, not just a piece of paper they forgot about but actually a letter. About the book itself, or anything. So when I saw this picture I decided I gotta write one! I think I will hide it in the book I just finished. It’s a great book but not so super popular that somebody would read it and find it the next week. ddba5207ef45a9e08869426ebe3f597c

There’s a pretty island in the city with bigger fields, perfect for a picnic with friends! We sometimes just go there, sit in the grass, talking, eating, playing frisby or some ball games. Love these times and it would be lovely to do it again this summer.e54a97014c3b370d37e8fbdc36162cf8

Another activity that would go great with a picnis, in the park or in the garden of some friends.e119e04e1e40b1cc7a9a237d18b11cbe

Actually, I am going to participate in The Color Run tomorrow! Unfortunately I will run alone, since all my friends cancelled (they still have exams), but I hope it will be still a lot of fun! My mom will take my there by car and take some pictures afterwards. There will be so many people taking pictures and walking that I know already that I won’t run a good time, so I think I will leave my TomTom Runner at home, and just take another stopper watch to have an idea about the time though. Well anyways, wish me luck, I’ll write a post about it on Sunday!

What about you guys? Any plans for the summer? Do you have a bucket list? Any fun tips for me?


One thought on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Have fun at the Color Run. That’s the only run I can get my non running friends to do. The one here is too crowded to try & run so it’s just a fun race with friends. I skipped it this year because the cost is more than I want to pay but have done it 3 times.

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