Riverbank chill

First of all: I hate rest days! I just feel so lost, and this was especially the case today: It’s Sunday, all shops are closed, I couldn’t go to the gym/run or do any workout for the sake of not overexhausting my body. I didn’t have any arrangements with friends and just didn’t feel like doing anything. Every student has these days during summer, right?

Luckily I got an idea around lunch: riverbank! There is a place still within the city but further from the center where you can chill at the riverbank in restaurants and cafés, so I decided this was exactly what I needed!

P1060482The best place around is this one called Fellini Culture Bistro. Their food is amazing, they have all kinds of coffee and lemonades and you can either sit at one of the fun and colourful little tables or just chill in the deck-chairs at the pebbly beach watching the river.

P1060497However this time we didn’t eat anything, just ordered two berry lemonades and an iced coffee to share (mom ate the ice cream and most of the whipped cream and we got it without sugar just like the lemonades so I didn’t even feel like it ruined my diet for the day)

P1060500I loved how much fruit it had at the bottom! (Not like at some places where lemonade is simply water filled with sugar and syrups, bleh…)


…and we just sat there for a few hours sipping on our drinks reading. (She is even more of a bookworm than I am, you can see her reading all the time!) It was just so perfect.

P1060508And we also had fun at looking at the dogs there. There we at least 5 or 6 of them running around, playing in the water and begging for food at strangers’ plates with their owners running after them, and trying to keep them away from all the food, haha!


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