Mood and weather?

Is it just me or does weather have a huge effect on your mood too? Last week we had horrible weather! Fist it was also cold, then just cloudy looking like it could start raining any minute. I hate this kinda weather because it really just makes me crawl back into bed and not do anything. Well, I actually ended up doing that on the weekend. I was about to go to an event of a supplement brand that would have involved working out together and a healthy grill party but even that got postponed because of a storm. So I cuddled up in my armchair, with my cat (again) watching movies all day. Well, every once in a while you need a little rest, right?

166163Luckily on Monday the weather got better and it finally feels like it’s actually summer! Sunshine is one of my biggest motivators and it made me pretty active again! I’m going running in the mornings, take long walks in the city just wandering around taking pictures…

Two little girls playing at a fountain in the city, one of my favourite pics that I took yesterday!

… having lunch and coffee with my friends, enjoying all the restaurants and cafes in the city that have outdoor spots…

Hummus ❤

167438… making smoothies, mug cakes and all kinds of yummy and  healthy foods to keep me going!

Mango, banana and raspberry smoothie with white chocolate protein powder and a dark chocolate berry mugcake with vanilla protein, yumm!

Can’t wait for the next few weeks of sunshine coming, I have so many plans! For example, I just found a place where I can rent a kayak and go kayaking on the river! And one of my best friends is finally coming home to Denmark, I know already that we’re gonna have so much fun once she’s back!

How is your summer going so far?


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