History glamour

I love living in such a wonderful city full of history. Most of the houses in the city center were built more than a hundred years ago and there are cafes still open in which our revolutionary heroes, writers and poets used to gather and drink coffee. Especially in the summer when I have more free time I like to visit these places, order a cup of coffee and soak up the history surrounding me.

My hazelnut iced coffee with whipped cream was delicious and definitely my cheat meal for the week!
My hazelnut iced coffee with whipped cream was delicious and definitely my cheat meal for the week!

As their website also says:

“The contemporary New York Palace is the rethinking of the original edifice built in 1894 by the creative ideas of Maurizio Papiri and Ádám Tihanyi D. The building has an eclectic style relying on the Italian renaissance and baroque however modern contemporary interior design has gained ground in the formation of inner spaces creating one of the most dignified hotels within the Boscolo Group.”
P1060555 P1060584Isn’t it gorgoeus? I went with a friend, we ordered coffe and enjoyed a nice talk sitting there almost right next to the piano, listening to the pianist play beautiful songs amazed by the beauty of the place. It was funny, I had my camera and the waiters kept thinking we were tourists, talking to us in English. Actually, most of the guests here are tourists, considering that the place is a bit expensive – although if you think about it, coffee is just about the same price as in Starbucks. And also, isn’t spending time at such a place worth paying a little bit more sometimes? It’s really hard to described, but I really felt so.. inspired after leaving the cafe, as if it’s atmosphere, that mood, that feeling still lingered on with me. I feel this place is perfect if you need to think things over or if you need inspiration for writing, or to come up with new ideas.
P1060591aAre there any places that have the same effect on you? That make you feel inspired and that have a unique atmosphere?

One thought on “History glamour

  1. The building is beautiful and the iced coffee looks delicious! 🙂 I’m a photographer so I tend to find my inspiration in nature especially the forest, the trees, the quiet, the beauty of the views all make me feel inspired.

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