Holiday – and how to stay healthy on a vacation

As you might have noticed, I was a little bit inactive in the last couple of days – but I have a good reason for that! I went on a mini holiday with one of my best friends who just came back from Denmark. Although we’ve been chatting almost everyday, I really missed seeing her and hanging out with her, so these days were much needed 🙂

DDMy family has a weekend house at Balaton, which is the biggest lake in Central Europe, do we decided to stay there. We had a lot of fun, swimming and sunbathing, and of course talking for hours. I made sure to always apply (and re-apply) sunscreen (SPF30 and SPF50 on my face) but I still got a tan I think 🙂

P1060608My favourites were the mornings, when we were just sitting on the patio, sipping on Thai milk tea, watching the birds and a squirrel jump around on the trees and the fence, just enjoying the good weather and the tranquillity of being away from the city for a while.

DSince being away from the city also meant being away from the gym, I had to find other ways to remain fit, even while on vacation. We actually took long long walks and went to swim in the lake everyday, but I also managed to fit in running and some bodyweight workouts in the back garden too! I also took my jump rope with me, which is an awesome alternative for cardio or warming up when it’s too hot to run – you can always find a nice spot in the shade to do some jumping! My friend took some pictures of me and we had so much fun taking them! Unfortunately I was a bit bloated so my abs basically disappeared, but at least my legs and shoulders still looked good, so we managed to take a few good shots! What do you guys think?

P1060734The other important part of staying fit on holiday is what you eat. The meal you see above was my most unhealthy meal through these days (I managed to avoid ice cream and most oily fattening beach foods). It’s fried fish (I think its English name is hake, it’s really popular here, even though it’s a fish from the sea that we actually have to import.) – and I know deep fried stuff is not really healthy, but at least it was fish and not some fried though, so I made a compromise. And boy it was good! Otherwise I packed lots of food for these days – healthy options for throughout the days, including oats and no-sugar muesli for breakfast, lots of fruit, chicken, whole grain buns, etc. So overall I don’t feel guilty at all, which is an awesome feeling after holiday!

How have you guys spent the last week? Anybody on holiday?

What do you usually do to stay fit and healthy on holiday?


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