Fit in the heat

I love summer and couldn’t be happier about the sunshine, but this 35-40°C weather is becoming a little bit too much. It’s so hot I feel as if my body just slowed down and all I can think about is hiding in the shade. But at the same time I hate not doing any sports and not being active, so I had to figure out ways I can stay fit and healthy even in this heat too – and I’d like to share my tips with you.

  1. Get the most of the mornings. If you are an early bird / morning person just like me, this will be easy. The good thing in summer mornings is that even if it gets super hot later in the day, early in the morning it’s still just around 25°C which is still bearable. So I wake up at 6 am and go for a morning run around 6:30 or 7 am. I’m not doing long distances as with every minutes it’s getting hotter, just 20-30 minutes, but I am trying to fit this morning run in as often as I can.
  2. Air conditioning in the gym. A lot of my friends have been skipping gym saying ‘oh it’s too hot’, but actually you only have to survive the was to the gym – once you’re there it’s not that bad, thanks to the air conditioning. Though on the hottest days I’m not going really hard on my workouts, but having a lighter workout is still better than nothing, right?
  3. Swimming! What could be better on a hot summer day then jumping into the pool? It will cool you down and swimming is actually a great exercise that is good for your back and your joints too, so if there’s a swimming pool or beach nearby, I highly recommend going for a swim!
  4. Smoothies – it’s easy to get lazy with food in the summer, but making a smoothie is not only fast and easy, but healthy and will help you cool at the same time. Use fresh summer fruits like peach, raspberries and blueberries, and cold water or maybe coconut water instead of milk to make it a bit lighter than usually. Trust me, it will feel so much better then a burger or any fast food.
  5. Healthy popsicles.  I already mentioned these in my previous posts I think, and I’m still hooked up on them. They are so easy and help staying clean when it’s so hot all you can think about is ice cream. I usually keep fruity and coffee ones in the fridge, so I can just open the fridge and eat one when I feel like it.

Overall, I would say: drink lots of water, pay attention to what you eat and always choose fresh and healthy options, and try to fit in some exercise, but always in a cooler environment (mornings, water, AC). Wishing you guys a healthy and fit summer! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fit in the heat

  1. Really great tip! I’m usually lazy with the workouts the rest of the year and it’s nothing better in the summer, maybe even more bad. I don’t know, but your words here kind of gave me some motivation! So thank you 🙂

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