Tourist at home

This is the second day of my friend here today and we’ve had so much fun together already! Being a tourist in your own city is actually pretty interesting – and walking around the city all day long is actuallyy exhausting! Also, it’s been around 35°C and sunny, so we’ve been drinking plenty of water and only eating light foods, so I guess these first two days were pretty healthy as well! And we’re planning a smaller hike and gym for tomorrow! Yay!

Anyways, I thought I would share some of our pictures with you guys 🙂 Just us girls having fun around the city






Turns out I am actually good at archery. I haven’t done it for almost ten years now and I did surprisingly well. They say mine is an archer nation, maybe it’s just in my genes then?
Isn’t she just simply GORGEOUS?
You can see we’ve both lived in Asia haha


I had an iced americano with orange and mint – I’ve never had one like this before but I gotta say it was really refreshing!

Update: since I started writing this post two more days passed, we did loads of walking, some swimming, went to the gym and had a crazy great leg workout, did a hike and got all the souvenir shopping done! Time passes by so fast when you’re having a good time. She’s leaving tomorrow, which is really sad, because we don’t know when we get to see each other again. But this time with her was just so precious, there are really no words for it, she is such a great friend, I am so happy I got her back for a few days!



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