Couple photography

As you all might know, I really like taking pictures – especially portraits. So sometimes I just ask my friends to model for me, we go to the city centre or to the park, have fun, laugh a lot and I’d take pictures meanwhile. Luckily I have some really photogenic and good-looking friends that make awesome models, so I’ve got a few good shots 🙂


Anyways, a few days ago, for the first time, I got to take some cute couple pictures. A good friend of mine and her boyfriend (who is here now visiting from Germany) were willing to be my models – and boy they were a good choice! Though none of them is really used to being in front of the camera, they are just simply so sweet together that I could take some lovely shots!

Névtelen-1Unfortunately we were stuck in the rain for about 45 mins out of the two hours I spent with them, so half of the pictures are blurry like this, because there was not enough light and I didn’t have my tripod with me – what a pity! Oh well, the rain stopped then finally, we went to see the gorgeous building of my favourite library and I could take some good shots of them in front of that building. Here are my favourite ones:


I just loved the way they were laughing together! Being completely comfortable with the other, being silly and having fun ~ isn’t it one of the best parts of being in love?P1070131a_resize

I just wish we had even better lights and some more time and more places to go, I’m sure I could have taken way better pictures of them – but maybe later in the future if they’ll let me, haha!P1070146b_resize


3 thoughts on “Couple photography

      1. Oh shoot! I am so sorry about my misunderstanding 😦 I didn’t see that before–my apologies–but now I do hehe XD still the photos are lovely!

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