Challenges in life

“If you never challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become”

Getting out of our comfort zone is not easy. Sometimes life gives us challenges that make us scared, that we are not sure we can complete. But every single challenge is an opportunity to improve yourself as a person, improve your skills and to gain valuable experience and memories for a lifetime. So you might think “nothing happens if I refure, I’ll just continue my life as planned, maybe not so exciting but comfortable and it will be fine.” ~ but you’ll have no idea what you might miss, including the person you could have become.

However, I am proud to say that I was brave enough and accepted quite a big challenge that I faced this week. Sunday night my boss called me at almost 10 pm, saying there was an emergency. There was a problem with their Chinese interpreter and they needed a replacement. He asked me if I know someone, and when I said no (because all of them are in Taiwan at the moment) he asked me if I was willing to be their Hungarian-Chinese interpreter for the parliamentary delegation from Taiwan. I said yes in a heartbeat.

7e654c0165152d330cedc4df254aa8e5I was afraid my Chinese wasn’t good enough. I was afraid I didn’t have the skills of a professional interpreter. And it was such a late call, one day before the event, I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to prepare. But it was such a huge opportunity, I just couldn’t say no. I knew I shouldn’t say no.

0a23231cd70fddabf83dc4f1ac038a22Because if I am always too afraid to try, too worried about those things, then I will never actually try, and I will be stuck at where I am now forever. Everybody has to start somewhere. And this was my chance, so I decided to hold onto it. I knew I’d have one ful day to prepare and if I did my best, I could possibly do it. Amongst all those worries, I was actually confident of my skills and knowledge and I knew that even if there was something I didn’t know first, I can handle it.

86bdd4fe95a0fe576372c65acf5acbccAnd I did. I wrote little note card for myself that I kept in my bag with me and used when I needed to. Some with history facts that might come handy on a tour and some with words of topics they might talk about. The members of the delegation were all women, all active in NGOs fighting for the rights of women and children, so I knew what to prepare for. There were some times, when I didn’t understand something – but then I just asked them politely to say it again. When you’re an interpreter, especially in such imporant situations it is crucial that you really do understand everything and don’t start speaking nonsense. I think it’s more emberassing to screw up an important meeting by skipping information then asking back a few times.

3b17288306b4ff728bdb6ed9c6f87894Overall, I think I did well. I am so so happy I decided to try myself, to accept the challenge. I am just so glad I was brave enough, because it was a great experience, I made super valuable connections, met amazing and inspiring people along the was that I look up to. And it’s pretty cool that I could say, that I was the Chinese interpreter of a parliamentary delegation. Never thought I’d do something like that, but having done it just proved for me that you should always have confidence in yourself and:

2766997_3873564_pmSo boys and girls, don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid to accept challenges, just believe in yourself, work hard and you will achieve great things in life! And finally, one more for all those people who doubt and hate 😉


One thought on “Challenges in life

  1. I actually think challenges are very important to life because they make us stronger and put us in a position of pressure. They help us learn to solve problems. Great post!

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