Summary ~ in pictures

My last few weeks were pretty hectic, so I haven’t really been able to blog about it. So I decided to do a quick catch up post with lots of pictures to show you guys some of the smaller details of these crazy busy weeks (consisting mostly of work and gym)


So as I said: gym. As for running, I really suck this month, because it’s either been 40°C during the day, or raining, and in the mornings I usually had to hurry to work – so I simply chose gym over running a lot. I thought muscle mass and strength are more important to maintain and I can hopefully get in some longer runs in the upcoming weeks now to make up for this horrible horrible August.


As for my free time, I mostly spent it doing some creative stuff. I bought this matte gold self adhesive paper to decorate some of my notebooks and planner with it and I’m absolutely in love! This one above is my Moleskin workout journal that I posted about before, and the other one down below is my four-subject notebook I got for next semester. It had a plain dark brown plastic cover that matches these gold stripes really well!


I also purchased some matte white printable self adhesive (sticker) paper and designed some stickers for it. You can’t really get these stickers here and it would be too expensive to order it online because of the shipping fees, so I decided to design and print mine. They actually turned out great, so I’ll definitely make some more soon!



I spent last Saturday morning with my dad. He took me to a huge flea market at the suburbs and it was pretty cool. He was hunting for old but good quality vinyls and I was looking for old and pretty post cards. Also bought an awesome batman illustration, haha. #nerd


Yet again: school supplies of course. I have all my highlighters ready and figured out my color coding system for the year too – can’t wait to actually have some material to go through! In the mean time I am revising my law notes from my freshman year – completely forgot everything already, but will need it at the graduation exams for sure!


The diplomats that I work with at the embassy took us for lunch during the week. I just found out that our city actually does have a little China town! So many clothing shops and restaurants, I gotta go back by myself one day! To this specific place too, their seafood tofu was to die for!


Oh my and that shrimp wonton! Was so perfect and missed eating wonton already!


It was funny because they only had the menu in Chinese. Good that I got used to reading Chinese menus in Taiwan, however this was written with simplified Chinese which made it a bit hard for me to understand, but luckily I had my colleagues to help me out.


Aaaand one of the best parts of my last few weeks was yesterday: DRAGONBOAT! Two of my teammates from Team Max (my dragonboat team in Taiwan) are in Hungary now and invited me to tag along when they go to a local team’s dragonboat practice. You have no idea how much I missed rowing, it was such an amazing feeling to be on the water again!

wpid-1440010964517.jpgThat’s us after the practice. We had so much fun! It was unbelievable that I got to row with my teammates so far away from Taiwan. Got me really excited about returning to Taiwan and my beloved Team Max next year! Oogie oogie oogie!


Just a random snapchat picture from earlier this week, because this feeling is just too good not to share, haha! Who else looooves opening up a new jar of peanut butter?


Oh and big news! I just bought a new phone! My old samsung kept freezing and overheating, it was pretty scary sometimes, so I really needed a new phone. I decided to order one from China – my cousin and dad had Chinese phones before are were really satisfied with the quality, and their pricing is pretty hard to beat too! So I ordered the new Elephone P8000 and it just arrived on Monday. So far I love the phone, I only had some problems with its launcher, so I purchased the Apex Launcher Pro and now it works just perfect! I took the next picture with this phone on our walk with my mom today and I think it looks pretty good, love the colours!


So I think that’s it for now, I will be back with some more posts again soon! xx


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