Model indusrty – what the hell?

We’ve all known, that the standars that the fashin industry has towards the models are mostly irrealistic, exaggerating and unhealthy. But nowadays I’ve thought that maybe it’s getting a bit better, that sporty figures are becoming more and more accepted, as well as leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I assumed this industry is also trying to promote a healthy body image and took back on #thinspiration. So I was shocked when I saw this video of a 19-year-old Swedish model who just got fired after 5 years for having a butt too big and hips too wide. Before I say anything else, check the video:

So as I’ve said, I was completely shocked. Too big? This girl? It’s insane! I actually think se is a bit too thin, I would like to see her with more muscles actually, haha. But really, she has a gorgeous slim figure and a nice round butt – and telling someone like her that she is too big, is just outrageous. Obviously, models need to look perfect and there might be different standards for their looks, but I still think that those standards must remain healthy. Because they are what all the girls see and want to be like, so it is incredibly important to show them real, good role models.

Anyhow, in spite of incidents like this, I still believe our society is changing for the good, that the ideals are getting more real and people appreciate healthy looking (I’m not saying fat) physiques.

I believe that for girls, strong is the new skinny.
Because strong is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Model indusrty – what the hell?

  1. This is a joke, right?! That girl has the body of a goddess! I can’t believe our beauty standards are so unrealistic–seriously unacceptable! Less than two percent of the global population probably fit those standards! What’s sad is that society–us–creates them.

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