A week in -mostly- snapchats

Is don’t know why, but I really got to like these picture catch up posts ~ sometimes there are just no major things to talk about and it’s easier to share the little moments using pictures. So since it’s Sunday, the end of the week, let’s see my last seven days in Snapchat pictures!



I’m obsessed with decorating my planner nowadays and these are the last stickers I’ve just printed – aren’t they adorable?! Especially lovin’ the pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes!
My favourite healthy pancakes using whole grain spelt flour and Stevia, yumm ~ topped with greek yoghurt, banan slices and a tiny bit of honey
Champagne glitter nails
Simply yet really pretty and classy, that’s what I’m always aiming for!
Preparing for writing my thesis next semester!
After my 5k run yesterday in 30°C – feeling tired ans super sweaty from the new Lifetilt Burn I just tried

Okay well and a few non-snapchat pictures too:

Fountain that plays music with a special water show every hour, this was our meeting point for the run – could it get any better?
Just a random morning pyjama picture
Friends for more than 10 years! We’ve all lived abroad and this is the first time in a while when we’re back at home at the same time, had a great afternoon with these girls!
Back to the planner, I just purchased and cut this scrapbook paper for a divider in my planner, marks the beginning of December:)
On Monday, I had a really awesome workout, killed glutes and hamstrings – and just couldn’t help but post the pic with this quote on instagram!
Didn’t have time to prepare lunch for work on Monday, so decided to go and get hummus in lunch break, with some extra chickpeas – it was heavenly! Gotta love hummus:)

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