#WomanCrushWednesday : Michelle Lewin

Just the other day we were talking about ideal bodies with my boyfriend, and when he asked me what I think an ideal strong female body is like, I immadiately said: Michelle Lewin! She is just so gorgeous, not only has a pretty face but the most impressive body I have ever seen.

DSC07360There are some super fit women at fitness competitions, but in some cases, their body is just.. too much. I respect all the hard work they invested in it, but sometimes they just cross the line – for my taste at least. But I think Michelle still remained really feminine and super sexy while being strong and actually having muscle mass.

And she shares the best workout videos! I’ve seen and tried so so so many exercises, some worked, some didn’t, but when trying her exercises ~special shout out to the Michelle Lewin booty blasters!~ I never felt disappointed. They are killers and I recommend it for every girl who wants to boost up their exercise routine and sculpt her body!

Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin_)  2015. Aug 4., 11:08 PDT
Click on the line above if you can’t see the video!

Just a few of my favourite Booty blasters! Try it next time you’re working on your hams and glutes, girls!

Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin_)

Click on the line above if you can’t see the video!

This one above I usually do with a barbell though, wonder if it makes a big difference?

Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin_)  2015. Aug 7., 11:51 PDT

Click on the line above if you can’t see the video!

I think these three are my absolute favourites! And since it’s a #WCW post, lets see a few more #bodygoals inspirational pictures of Michelle!

From her website, michellelewin.com ~ wow!



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