Workout fuel & motivation

I’ve been asked a couple of times lately about how I stay motivated to work out, how I fuel my body for my workouts and just generally about my routine, so I decided to write a post about it for you guys now, to answer all the questions at once. So let’s start with motivation!

ETBFit-3Actually I don’t know what happened, but nowadays I am constantly in the mood to work out. Maybe that’s the proper sleep I get every night, maybe the fact that I can actually see my body improving, but when I’m sitting in the office, I can get so excited thinking about my workout that I’ll get done after work. I just plan what exercises I will do, what warmup I will choose for the day (I usually alternate using the different cardio machines and do 10-15 mins before lifting) what flavour protein I will drink afterwards. But if I wasn’t excited enough, I’d just have to look at my instagram and tumblr feed full of fitspiration images. Somehow seeing all the motivational quotes and pictures of fit people lifting and running, I always get in the mood and feel like I can’t miss out on that either!

ETBFit-2About my weekly routine. I just altered it a few weeks ago, because I decided to focus more on my legs and separate training for glutes and hamstrings and quads. So currently my routine looks like this:

  • Monday: glutes + hamstrings
  • Tuesday: cardio + abs
  • Wednesday: back + biceps
  • Thursday: shoulders + triceps
  • Friday: quads + abs
  • Saturday: cardio
  • Sunday: rest day

In the last few weeks, cardio usually meant running, and sometimes when the weather was good and I had enough time in the morning, I’d go for a short 3k run in the morning to complement my strength training of the day, but now that fall is coming with more and more rain, I think I’ll go to spinning class more often, just as I did today. Or to play squash if I can convince one of my friends to come with me. Switching up your routine and doing other forms of cardio and activities is important for your body and makes it much more fun, so I’d highly recommend it for everybody!

ETBFit-4What do I eat + what supplements do I take before/after a workout?

Well, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post already, but it all depends on what kind of workout I’m going to have. Before running or cardio, I eat one hour prior, not later, otherwise I tend to feel sick. I usually eat a smaller but satisfying, carb-based snack/meal, muesli with raisins, banana and penut butter or rice cakes with peanut butter are my big favourites. Before lifting I’m not so strict with time, I usually eat a bigger meal in the last two hours before the workout. Usually rice or veggies with chicken, turkey or salmon. I definitely need proper fuel for lifting!

ETBFit-1As for the supplements, I make sure to always take 1000-1500mg L-Carnitine before doing cardio or an intense strength workout to help me burn fat. I am seriously in love with L-Carnitine! I am a bit sensitive to caffeine, so can’t use most of the pre-workouts (since I just can’t say no to my morning coffee and then it’d be too much caffeine for the day), but L-Carnitine doesn’t have any effect like that, just makes me sweat a looot and helps me burn more fat without messing with my heart rate. And after my workout I usually just drink a protein shake (in the summer after my runs sometimes just a smoothie) and take my aminos to make sure my muscles’ recovery.

If not just pure L-Carnitine, I'm always looking for non-stimulant fat burner products, like ETBFit Choice Lean Non-stim Capsules. Haven't had the chance to try them yet, but based on their nutritional facts it seems pretty great!
If not just pure L-Carnitine, I’m always looking for non-stimulant fat burner products, like ETBFit Choice Lean Non-stim Capsules. Haven’t had the chance to try them yet, but based on their nutritional facts it seems pretty great!

And finally, a special shout out for my American readers about a supplements brand, ETB Fit, that is definitiely worth checking out. I haven’t had the chance to try their products yet, but they really seem to provide a clean and responsible alternative for supplements as they support clean and lean athletics by taking an active role to ensure the right education of young athletes and the responsible use of sport nutrition products -which I think is really important- and they also provide their customers with direct access to ETB’s sponsored athletes for training and nutritional guidance for free!

Life is too short not to prioritize your own personal well-being. Inspired, motivated people not only get results, they encourage the best from those around them. If we surround ourselves with the right people, no challenge is so great that it cannot be overcome.

~the post was inspired but not sponsored by ETB Fit, all the opinions are my own~

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