Hello Autumn!

What transitioning to fall-mode has been like in the last month – running, new playlist, workout, foods and everything else…

I have been pretty inactive lately and this is because autumn is here, which means many more responsibilities than in the summer and also less free time. However, I love it so far! I was really lucky this semester with my classes, I can coordinate and and harmozine my schedule for classes and work really well, and I still have -scheduled- time for working out as well!

IMG_20150914_193025_141Unfortunately fall means colder weather and lots of rain, so I haven’t been able to run outdoors as much, but I’m trying to do at least 5-8 km / week, and that is going pretty well so far! When the seasons change, there are always some preparations we need to do in order to adjust for the new conditions, especially when it comes to running. I am still not going to go for a run in rain, but if it’s just cold, I definitely don’t want to stay at home. Last winter I went out for a run a few times, but I had many trouble with my running gear, hats, gloves, and all the others. I found that without a hat it was -obviously- too cold, my ears were specially freezing, but with a hat on I was too hot. Also my normal gloves were too hot for running too. So a few days ago I went to Sportsdirect to pick up some running gear:

IMG_20150924_121420_662I love this brand, Karrimor. I have their pants and long sleeve tops for running, and I think they look good and are also really good quality – and much cheaper than Nike! So now I got this headband – covers my ears perfectly, it’s not too thick and warm at my forehead but it has a thermo layer at the back. This one is actually for men, but still fits, haha! The ladies ones were either pink or neon yellow which I both love, but I couldn’t choose so I went with the black one.

IMG_20150924_113924_119And also special running gloves, hopefully they will protect my hand without feeling too hot. They also have little pockets for your keys, which might come really handy -though I have way too many keys and keyholders to fit in that tiny little pocket, haha!

New season, new running playlist! I’ve run with the same playlist all summer and I just know it so well, that if I’m listening to it when I’m not running, I know at which point of my run I’d be that moment. When I realized that (and when it stopped being so motivating), I decided to switch it up and create a completely new list for my upcomign autumn runs! Here it is:

  1. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On
  2. Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself
  3. Taylor Swift – Style
  4. Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband
  5. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (ATB Remix)
  6. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
  7. Maroon 5 – Sugar
  8. Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer
  9. Fifth Harmony – Worth It ft. Kid Ink
  10. Deorro x Chris Brown – Five More Hours
  11. The Chainsmokers, Tritonal – Until You Were Gone

Regarding my workouts, I put my workout journal into more instense use. Before I just wrote random journal entries, some fitness related Chinese words, random smoothie / recipe ideas and also kept track of my runs. For my strength training I just used the montly overview of my planner to write down which bodypart I worked that day, but it has become a bit annyoing, because these notes take up all the space and I can’t really use the monthly view for anything else. So I decided to start tracking my workouts (just the bodyparts and maybe some extra notes) in my workout journal and I made weekly pages for it starting in September. (Side note: I still LOVE this Moleskine journal, it’s just simple perfection.)

The weather is pretty funny, it was 25°C and sunny on Wednesday, and now it’s 15°C and rainy on Saturday.. Oh well..

IMG_20150922_082221 IMG_20150923_161250How about food? I’ve managed to keep my diet pretty clean, let’s say 80% of the time, and I let myself have some little sweets maybe once a week. I’ve been eating lots of oatmeal (healthy but still so comforting in the colder weather) and drinking tons of hot tea; mostly green tea and apple cinnamon tea to which I am totally addicted to now.

Also made this adorable mug, which is so perfect since I love coffee and my man loves donuts! Perfect for my morning cup of coffee:)
Also made this adorable mug, which is so perfect since I love coffee and my man loves donuts! Perfect for my morning cup of coffee:)

Also, autumn means pumpkin season! So I’ve baked two pumpkins so far, most of which I decided to freeze in smaller portions, but I still baked a pumpkin banana bread and after watching the new blogilates video, I made pumpkin french toast the other day for (second) breakfast. Oh. My. Goodness. They were just so good! You guys really should try it!

IMG_20150925_084207I’ve also been eating hummus with carrots and pieces of whole grain toast a lot for snacking during studying. I like to always snack on something, so I’m at least trying to keep my snacks healthy. My other options are a handful of peanuts mixed with raisins, plain greek yoghurt with banana slices and a drizzle of honey, a handful of frozen grapes, apple with peanut butter and so on:)

IMG_20150921_170820And on days when I need more carbs and lots of energy, a batch of whole grain pancakes, yumm!

IMG_20150920_104158And even with less running, keeping a flexible but overall clean diet and working out 5-6 times a week, I still managed to keep a good shape.Don’t believe me? Abs check picture from last week:

IMG_20150923_112105_633If you are still reading this: thank you and sorry for being inactive for so long! I’ll try to post more often and bring some great and interesting content for you guys. I’ve also been thinking about vlogging, what do you think?

Until the next post, have a nice weekend darlings!


6 thoughts on “Hello Autumn!

  1. I love Autumn! I’m obsessed with cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin right now. I’ll be looking for apple cinnamon tea, sounds amazing and also making pumpkin french toast. Have a wonderful weekend!

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