Fitness Motivation Boost

I have no idea what happened, but I’ve just got a huge motivation boost in this past week. It might be that the sun is finally out after weeks of constant rain and clouds, and even if it’s still chilly it just makes me wanna get out there and be active. And it’s like a chain reaction: I feel happy, I feel motivated, I workout and run more, I actually feel like eating healthy because I am so aware of how much it contributes to getting closer to my goals. And all these lead to looking better, feeling even better, seeing results, which is the biggest motivation boost and the circle starts again. Quite perfect, right?

So what happens everytime I see sunshine from my window after a period of rainy days is that I have my running shoes on before I realize what I’m doing and I’m out the door. And what a liberating feeling that is! Before I thought summer was the perfect time for running, but I’m getting to like running in autumn more and more. (Especially with my autumn running accessories and my new running playlist that I finally started to listen to and absolutely LOVE!)

IMG_20151021_101705aaWhen the rain stops and the sun starts to shine, everything is so beautiful out there! I am in love with the colours of autumn and just feel so grateful to experience this beauty once again. And though the weather might be pretty chilly (10-15°C) with my headband and gloves I don’t feel cold even though I usually wear just one layer (long sleeves of course) – and I don’t sweat as much as I did during the summer. The cold air actually feels pretty comfortable during running.

IMG_20151021_110704_944And come on, crunchy leaves underneath your feet – do I need to say more?!

IMG_20151019_110152I have also been paying more attention to my supplements. I usually take Scitec’s SLAP pre-workout booster before workouts (though not before each workout) and make sure to get my proper protein intake afterwards. Currently I’m in love with Scitec’s Lemon Cheesecake and Yoghurt Peach flavours for their ‘100% Whey Protein Professional’. Apart from the pre-workout, protein and vitamins, I am trying not to forget taking my aminos after working out and before sleep. I’ve been going pretty hard on my workout, trying to get the best out of myself, and I can feel my muscles need extra care right now. Which means proper fueling, proper post-workout recovery and lots and lots of sleep!

IMG_20151017_180946Another goodie I found at Scitec the other day: they have a new reduced carb (finally!) protein bar called Proteinissimo! I’ve been getting a protein bar from dm that has barely any sugar and 50% protein but they only have vanilla flavour and I got a bit sick of it already haha! So I was really excited when I found Proteinissimo – the chocolate coffee cake flavour is to die for! Though the bar itself is a bit too small and only has 8g of protein but it’s a perfect healthy pick me up when you need something fast. I am definitely gonna stock up!

IMG_20151019_090442Talking about food, I’ve been hooked on mug cakes recently. Using whole grain flour, non-sweetened cocoa powder, some extra white chocolate protein and frozen berries it’s completely clean and healthy, really yummy, super quick to make and keeps me full for a good 3 hours until my next schedules meal.

IMG_20151022_145932The sun might be shining now, but the constant rain for weeks got me in the gym for much longer times – and as a result I’m feeling pretty strong right now! I have been focusing on my legs (separate glutes+hams and quads trainings) and my biceps mostly, and also managed not to get lazy doing abs and obliques and I can really see the results! So guys, just keep going and working hard even in those times when you don’t really feel like and you will get the results which -I promise!- will make you feel so satisfied and motivated that you won’t be able to stop anymore! Just try to get in the mood and get excited, cause there’s nothing better than a workout you’re mentally hyped about!


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