Workout Journal {Update}

Everybody has night time traditions before going to bed – lately, mine has been sitting down at my desk, drinking a cup of cinnamon apple tea and writing in my workout journal. It’s really become a habit that I like to do and it’s helped me so much with my fitness journey.

P1070397Months ago when I thought about that I should really keep track of my workouts it seemed to be something tedious and challenging to do. I didn’t want to constantly type my exercises on my phone during my workouts so I don’t forget what I did – but at the same time I also always scribbled down the bodypart I worked on in the monthly view of my planner. That made me realize that I can write a workout journal any way I want, so I decided to do my own version – as I wrote about it before.

P1070393I think it’s since the beginning of September that I started outlining weekly views in my journal, so I can always write down what bodypart I worked on, what warmup I did, how much I ran – and additional thoughts about how the workout went, how I felt during, why I had a rest day that day.

P1070391Reflecting on my workouts and activites at the end of the day really gives me a chance to focus on my goals, helps with planning my workouts and really keeps me motivated. Sometimes when I feel a little lazy I still get off my ass and go to the gym, because I know it’s not rest day yet and I’ll have to write down what I did that day. It really holds me accountable!

My journal's got a personal touch with the golden dots on it ^-^ Absolutely in love with this Moleskine notebook, it was such a perfect choice!
My journal’s got a personal touch with the golden dots on it ^-^ Absolutely in love with this Moleskine notebook, it was such a perfect choice!

I highly recommend keeping a workout journal for everyone that is serious about fitness. Probably the best is if you write down every exercise including sets, reps and weight, if that works for you. But most importantly, try to find a way of keeping track that you enjoy, because it will make you fall in love with the fit and healthy lifestyle even more, and keeping track won’t be a tedious task anymore, but instead a lot of fun that you love doing!

How do you guys like to keep track of your activities?


2 thoughts on “Workout Journal {Update}

  1. I do the same! I write down my measurements too. Helps to have everything written down in one place. And call me weird, I don’t like having an empty day where I did nothing.

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