Birthday girl!

So guess who was the birthday girl yesterday? That’s right, I just turned 22! Since I’ve become more serious about fitness, birthday has been quite a problem for my family, considering that I don’t really eat cake – but how can you celebrate without a cake? Last year my mom got me an awesome clean carrot cake, but this year my parents definitely outdid that one!

Saying ‘you won’t eat sweets anyway’ this was waiting for me on the table:

IMG_20151115_082806I think it was hilarious! I had such a good laugh, I just love my silly parents:) My day was also pretty good, a really chill morning cuddling with the cat…

IMG_20151115_081140…and then gym in the afternoon where I ROCKED the new Nike Pro Static Warm training tights that I got for my birthday. They are so comfortable and look so great, I am totally in love with them!

IMG_20151115_133212But I got the best birthday present seconds after taking this picture: just found out I’ll get to see my man for three weeks in December after not seeing each other for 1.5 years! I am just sooo happy! And I got such an adrenaline rush from hearing these news that I hit a new PR for biceps! 2×4 reps for EZ Bar Preacher Curls with 2×5 kg + the bar! And this wasn’t at the beginning, my biceps were already a bit tired, so I believe I could have done even more. Hitting new records and actually feeling that you’re getting stronger and you’re capable of thingsthat you couldn’t do before… this feeling got me hooked three years ago and I’m still addicted to it. One of the best feelings in the world and makes me even more excited and motivated about training!



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