Scitec Nutrition shopping haul

When you’re serious about working out, taking supplements becomes a crucial part of your lifestyle and daily routine, so it’s important to find the products that work for you and to plan it properly. I was introduced to Scitec by professional bodybuilders when I was taking a fitness instructor course and once I’ve tried I experienced myself that it really has reliable, good quality and awesome taste, so I’m committed to it ever since.

How I look right now – this happens when you’re trying to take some progress pictures but the cat steals the show

I’ve just run out of most of my things (though I still have Glucosamin for my joints not pictured here) so I went to Scitec and did a little shopping – and I thought it’d share what I bought and what I take to maintain and improve my physic.


It is funny though, every time I’m buying anything other than protein -mostly when I buy aminos- the guys at the store ask me if it’s going to be for myself. Do I look like such a cardio bunny or what? Anyhow, here is the list of products I bought and take:


When I first bought aminos I didn’t really take it properly – I started to take it seriously when the last wave of motivation hit me, and it really made a big difference. It’s been amazing how much it helps muscle recovery allowing my muscles to really grow and get stronger week by week. I usually take two tablets after my workout or two before sleeping – or when I have a really tough training or run+lift, then both.


Before training: before tough workouts or longer runs I take SLAP, about which you can read my review here – it’s amazing how it gives me extre energy and helps with endurance. And since I’m trying to still stay lean, before cardio sessions I usually take 1000mg L-Carnitine, aka Carni-X. The liquid is probably absorbed faster, but I find the tablets to be more convenient to take with me – haven’t really decided which one is really better though.


Since the seasons are changing and it’s going to be winter soon, vitamins are crucial for our health. For a daily multivitamin I take Mega Daily One Plus twice a day, but I decided to get Winter-X for these upcoming weeks which helps me stay healthy with the extra Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea.


What I really love at Scitec, that they have these one-portion packets of protein. I just cannot commit to one flavour and drink and use that all the time, but buying the big portions from multiple flavours would just cost too much. Luckily they have one-portion packets of my favourite Whey Protein Professional in banana, chocolate coconut, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry white chocolate, vanilla very berry, kiwi-banana, peach yoghurt and -my absolute favourite- lemon cheesecake flavour! I also like their 100% Whey Protein that is available in chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and white chocolate flavours. And actually if you calculate it, it doesn’t cost that much more if you purchase these packets than if you buy the big ones. And I can enjoy a different flavour every day of the week! Isn’t it awesome?


And last but not least, my latest addiction: the Proteinissimo protein bar, that is reduced in carbs, but high in fiber – and the chocolate coffee cake flavour is to die for! The 30g bar contains 9.3 g carbs out of whihc 3.3 g is sugar, it also has 2.9 g fat, 4 g fibre and 8.8 g of protein! I’d rather drink a protein shake after a workout but for a healthy, guilt-free snack during the day I think it’s perfect!


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