Gift ideas for fitness addicts {for GIRLS}

This year I got some amazing fitness-related gifts that I just love for my birthday, and I thought I’d put together a list with even more ideas that a fitness addict would love to recieve. Especially now that Christmas is approaching, I hope it will be a helpful source if inspiration for the upcoming shopping sprees 🙂


  1.  Protein & supplement packages

    One of the best gifts for me this year was this cute jar full of fitness goodies: protein, protein bars and an L-Carnitine shot. When making such a package, you can get a wide variety of products and flavours and if you’re a bit creative you can make it look really cute too – it all depends on the jar/box you use and on how you decorate it. Just because it’s supplements, it can still look girly and cute, right?


  2.  Workout / running clothes

    Who doesn’t love getting new gear? If you more or less know her style, and the brands she likes (I’m all about Nike, Under Armour and Karrimor) you can just walk into the store and buy… well, basically anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a top, a sportsbra or tights, we can get super excited about all of them! (And no, there is no such thing as enough workout clothes)

    the new Nike Pro Static Warm training tights that I got from my parents – I am totally in love with them!
  3.  Seasonal accessories

    Whether it’s biking, swimming, lifting or running, all the sports have their own accesories – and most differ by the season.  So getting a few seasonal accessories is always a good idea – especially if you don’t know her size so you can’t get her clothes. As the winter’s pretty cold around here, for those who like to workout and run outside, I’d say: gloves, scarves, headbands and other thermo stuff would be pretty perfect!


  4. Skin care and bath products

    We don’t mind getting soaked in sweat during our workouts, tiring ourselves out to the point where all our bodyparts are shaking – and after such experience there is nothing better than pampering our exhausted body a little bit. I think all girls love skin care and bath products, but this is especially true for fit girls. My special recommendation for this category is LUSH. Lush is my favourite company for skin care and bath: not only are their products extremely good quality for a reasonable price, but they only use natural ingredients and condemn animal testing. I love their policies and mindset and love their products even more. Not to mention that the shop assistants are always incredibly nice and helpful and make every visit to their store a super fun experience. Oh and have I mentioned that they have special Christmas themed products and prepared gift packages as well?



  5.  Special & healthy food

    I believe most of the fit and healthy girls already stocked up on healthy food, however, there are always a few things that can make a wonderful addition to the everyday items – something that is special, yummy but healthy at the same time. Just to give you an idea with an example: Nuts’ n More has amazing peanut butter spreads with extra whey protein and awesome flavours, making it even better than ordinary peanut butter. Of course, you have to consume this one in moderation, since 1 serving (2 tbsp) contains 192 kcal (containing 12 g of protein though!) but I think it can be still part of a healthy and balanced diet. I’ve got my eyes on the White Chocolate one, but since I haven’t found them here yet, I asked my boyfriend to bring me a jar when he comes to visit in December – see? Perfect was to make a girl happy!


  6. Books of athletes

    There are so many books on sports and trainings – however, I wouldn’t need a book on training methods or diets trying to tell me how I should do it instead of my already-working methods. But I love reading the books that athletes wrote about their own lives, training, their challenges and how they got through them. I find it really inspiring and motivating and I also think that I can learn a lot from them. So if she likes reading, consider giving her one of these books, it can be really edifying.


I hope this list gave you a few ideas for what to get for your fitness addict best friend, girl friend, sister or mom this Christmas or for their birthday. Is there anything you think would make a great gift but I left off the list? Share your suggestions and ideas in the comments below!

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