Gift ideas for fitness addicts {for GUYS}

When I asked my boyfriend about what would be a good gift for a fitness freak guy like him, his first reaction was: PROTEEEIN! Okay, well, I guess that’s something they really use a lot, but I still wanted to think of a few other, a bit more creative gifts than just a big tub of protein powder.

A protein gift basket

Actually, protein can be a good gift for guys who lift, especially if you make it a bit more fun. Ditch the boring big packages and go for the one-portion size packets – thus you can chose many different flavours that he otherwise probably wouldn’t get to try. Scitec for example has about 15 flavours in one-portion size packets, from different kinds of protein. But if one brand is not enough, you can always try a few new brands too. One packets of these is usually pretty inexpensive so you can really stock up on them! If you throw in a few protein bars and protein cookies too, you can easily put together a badass protein gift basket!

Protein Pancakes

Scitec Nutrition Protein Panckes!

I have a friend who usually complains that he knows he should have a proper, protein-rich breakfast, but just doesn’t have the time to prepare it in the mornings. So this Christmas he’s going to get one of these babies from me! It will make mornings so easy: you just have to mix it with water or skim milk and fry the pancakes. One portion has only 145 kcal and 13g of protein! Pretty awesome, right?

Workout wear

You can find all the products at

I mentioned this in my post for girls too, but I think it’s an awesome idea for guys as well. Brands like Gymshark in the US, or Gym Aesthetics in Europe have some great pieces, not to mention the biggest brands like Nike, Adidas or Under Armour. If he likes to hit the gym, tanks or stringers would be perfect, but if he’s into other sports like football, basketball or swimming, you can just get him something suitable for that particular sport.

A new gym bag

Jim Bag for example has some cool and good quality bags!

I think most guys can go with the same gym bag for years – they don’t really care about what they put their gym stuff into. So why not surprise them with a new bag? Even though they probably wouldn’t bother with buying a new one until their current bag falls into pieces, they sure would be happy with a new gym bag. Just figure out his favourite brand and colour, and you’re good to go! Once we bought a red Under Armour gym bag for our friend’s birthday (who is a total gym rat) and he loved it! I really think it’s the kind of gift that is practical but not in the oh-a-new-pair-of-socks kind of way.

Spa & massage

Guys like to look manly, but especially those who train hard can really appreciate a little pampering. So going to the spa or hot spring for a long soak in the hot water or getting some coupons for a massage is definitely a good idea, that they probably won’t even think of. Not to mention their muscles need the relax too! Training hard is just one aspect of building an impressive physique.

Gym membership


Well, this one is not so creative, and it’s better if you don’t really know the personal preferences and taste of the recipient yet. But if you know which gym he goes to, you can buy him a gym membership card for a month, three month, half a year or even for the whole year – depending on your budget. Here we have a special system called ‘All you can move’ which I think would be an awesome gift idea. The concept is that you choose a plan: S, M, L or XL and they give you access to a specific list of gyms, fitness centres and yoga studios. The more expensive the plan is, the more places you can visit. Thus you have the chance to try multiple gyms or to go to that is the most convenient for you that day without having to spend too much on daily tickets. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Fitness quote items

gymposters-com sells awesome prints, but can also give you some ideas for DIY projects!

Men don’t always appreciate our custom, handmade gifts, but I think a mug or a simple and classy frame with a training-related quote would be welcome as a gift. Just make sure it’s not too much – keep it simple and classy and it should be fine then:) Here you can find my ‘Fitness inspiration’ board on Pinterest that has quite a lot of training-related quotes.



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