Challenges and big adventure

We all have to face challenges in life and it’s not always easy. But when new obstacles are thrown at you one after the other when you thought nothing could possible come up now, it becomes especially hard to stay strong.

This is what happened with us while planning my (long distance) boyfriend’s visit. First we had to wait two months for one paper, when that was finally done and we thought the next one would be easy, we had to wait another two months for that. Oh my, we were so happy when he could finally buy the tickets and apply for the visa! Everything will go smoothly, right? Except that he didn’t get the visa, explained by an obviously untrue, bullshit reason. What do you do in a situation like that?


First when I learned there was a possibility that he wouldn’t get it and couldn’t come, I was crushed. I was completely devestated and couldn’t understand why all this is happening to us. We love each other so dearly, never fight or broke up and wouldn’t even think about giving up on one another even though we’re 3400kms away and haven’t met in almost 1.5 years. So why us? Why don’t we deserve it?


But once it became sure, that his visa application was refused, somehow all these sad feelings just evaporated and my stubborn side took over. You’re not gonna let him come? Life, you think you can stop me from seeing my man? Hell no! We immediately came up with a plan B and figured we could meet in a third country where we don’t need visa and that’s relatively close to both of us. So we set the dates, booked the flights and the apartment and overcame this one last obstacle too.


When the refusal became a reality, my mood changed in a heartbeat. I felt strong and unstoppable. Because I knew there must be another option, there must be a way to do this so instead of complaining I had to set my mind to figuring out the next steps, because I knew that if we want it bad enough, we will find a way.


And we did. So in only 9 days, I’m gonna see my man again and I will be the happiest girl knowinghe never left my side and fought with me through all this, when anyone else would have given up already.

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