Istanbul Trip Recap

Sorry guys for being so inactive in the last 2-3 weeks, but I have a pretty good excuse! As I mentioned in my last post I could finally meet my man after waiting for 1.5 years – we were off to Istanbul on 12th December and I got home just in time for Christmas Eve. What can I say? It was the best trip of my life and everything was just simply… perfect.


The first question my friends asked me: was it the same, like before you separated? Yes. Nothing changed, we actually just grew closer, learned to appreciate each other on another level, not to grumble and argue about stupid little things, knowing how perscious every moment is. So couples struggling with distance out there: if you truly love the other and are not willing to give up on them and your relationship, it really does not matter, how far you live or how much you have to wait to meet again. If you fight for it, you can make it work!


More about the trip itself: we LOVED Istanbul! The city has crazy good food (also really cheap)…


…and the weather was great even in December (around 12°C and sunshine most of the times) so we could walk around a looot! Though Istanbul has killer hills, so in case you are planning to visit, make sure you take comfortable shoes! Walking all day around here was worth a good workout I swear!

Mosques and cats everywhere!

And what we probably liked the most: adorable cats everywhere! And the stray cats in Istanbul are not afraid of people and they are also really clean. They come to you when you call them and are so grateful for a little attention, purring happily making your heart melt. And that’s because theyy are used to the people being nice to them – here you won’t see people shooing them away or hitting them, being aggrassive with them.


For example there was this cat that decided to lie down in the middle of the way in front of the door of Starbucks. And none of the people going to the cafe tried to shoo her, everybody went there, talked to her a bit, scratched the back of her ear and let her sleep. Turkish people were incredibly nice and helpful with us, but their friendliness towards the cat made me like and respect them even more.


And what made the fitness freak inside me purr happily: I got my gym parrner back! My friends and family laughed at us when after booking an apartment our next step was looking for a gym, but working out with him again was something I’ve been wishing for every single day I stepped into the gym since we separated. I was so proud to see how much he’s improved and also to show him my results too. He is my biggest motivation and with him by my side I had the best workouts. He helped me push through some extra reps when I felt tired, he was watching my form and helped me with doing pull ups. He gives me strength and I can learn so much from him! So working out again was a dream come true for me!


Not to mention we could take a few cool #fitcouple pictures!

He’s so strong!
…and we were so happy!

We had a lot of fun outside the gym too, of course! Wandering around the city, getting wonderfully lost and discovering amazing new places, shopping in the bazaars, drinking Turkish coffee, looking at the breathtaking landscape of the city from the top of the Galata tower…


…and probably our most exciting adventure of all: flying to Norther Turkey to Trabzon and driving to the mountains the the gorgeous Uzungöl to see the snow – that we never had together before. It was just simply magical!

Our own winter wonderland!

It is always hard to say goodbye, but this time we still just felt so happy. Happy knowing that distance and time apart won’t change anything, happy that we know we will meet again and it will be just as wonderful as this time and happy thinking of all the sweet memories we can bring home.


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