Fit girl packs for travel

Packing for a trip becomes especially difficult for those people who are into fitness. You not only have to worry about stuffing all the pants and sweaters into your suitcase but also about all the gym clothes, extra shoes, supplements. So we eventually get to the ‘okay, what should I leave at home?’ question standing in the middle of a mess and an overfilled suitcase trying to decide what’s a must and what can be ditched. Since I faced the exact same problem before a two-week vacation a few weeks ago, I’d like to share a few tips for packing 🙂


  1.  Make a list!
    This might seem obvious, but it really is crucial to write a list before you start packing. Apart from the basics like clothes and bathroom products, write a separate segment for your fitness-related stuff. Which shoes are you going to take? Gym clothes? Gloves, gym bag, shaker… And of course the supplements.
  2. Supplements
    When you’re going away for a week or two, taking all your supplement containers is just such a waste of weight and space! I highly recommend getting smaller pill boxes just like this one and measuring out all the pills and tablets you will need. If one is not enough, just get two of them, it will still take way less space as if you took everything. For this trip I took my multivitamins, winter vitamins, glucosamine for my joints and obviously aminos.


  3. Use your shaker wisely
    Normally you might think the shaker takes up a lot of space – but not if you pack it wisely! I like to stuff socks and panties in it, so it holds them together and I can fit more of them in comapred to just randomly throwing them into my suitcase.


  4. Protein packets
    I’ve been writing so much about these one-portion packets of protein and here comes another ode to them. These babies were my best friends during travel. They didn’t weight that much and the packets were SO convenient while packing! After I finished packing my suitcase, I just laid them on top of the clothes and they hardly made any difference. And I didn’t have to take a scoop or worry about the ziploc bag opening or leaking (as it was for my boyfriend).


  5.  Healthy snacks
    Airports many times don’t offer healthy choices but when waiting for a long time, or later walking around the city you might need a little pick-me-up. So I like to pack a few healthy snacks, like small packets of nuts, trail mix or protein bars. They also don’t take up much space and can be lifesavers! Make sure to pack them in your carry on!


I hope the tips are going to be useful, have fun while traveling next time! Any upcoming travel plans? 🙂


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