Holidays recap

It’s been quite a busy two weeks since I’ve been back home: arriving right at Christmas, all the celebrations with family and friends, getting back to the gym and trying to resist all the sweets again… So here’s a little recap to update you guys on what I’ve been up to 🙂


So I got back home right on Christmas Eve, which was pretty perfect because I didn’t have time to think about missing him amongst all the festivities. That night I was at home with my parents, having a lovely dinner and exchanging gifts. I was super excited because I gave them not only their Christmas gifts, but the things that I got for them in Istanbul! (A Turkish coffee set and chocolate for my dad, a scarf and a poncho for my mom.)


And the gifts I got are just perfect! I got a 1TB winchester, which is much smaller and lighter than my current one so I can easily take it with me when I travel and these perfect perfect little Thomas Sabo charms for my bracelet.


On Christmas day we had a bigger family lunch with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. And the highlight of the day every Christmas is this piece of magic you see in the picture: my great grandmother’s cake. It is made with no flour, the three layers of dough are all different: one with walnuts, one with hazelnuts and one with almonds I believe and there’s a chocolate coffee cream inbetween. I think they use almost 30 eggs for the cake and it’s so troublesome that they only make it once a year. Even if you’re on a diet, that becomes nonexistent when they cut this cake. It’s SO worth it!


The next few days were pretty chill. I spent almost all day sitting by the Christmas tree, drafting up a study plan for my upcoming exams, still listening to Christmas music and cuddling with my cat. Purr purr!


Aaand obsessing about the nuts’n more High Protein Peanut Butter that bae got me. It’s SO good, I just can’t stop eating it. I usually put some in my morning oatmeal, but sometimes I just can’t help it and dig in with a spoon, hehe.


From 27th December I was back in the gym! These are my new pair of gym pants that I got in Istanbul and I am totally in love with!


Luckily even during our trip and then the holidays, I didn’t skip that many gym sessions, so though I gained a little far on my hips and inner thighs from eating all the sweets, I’m still in quite a good shape.


After this, I went to the gym on the 28th and 29th, worked out at home with mom on the 30th and ran the last 5k of the year on the 31st! But I’ll get back to that later.


We had Friendsmas with my two closest friends from high school on the 29th ~ one of them got me these adorable pyjamas. It says ‘I need my morning coffee’ – it’s so perfect, she knows me so well!


On the food front: I’ve got back to eating clean (though struggling with resisting chocolate sometimes now that I’m so used to just eating it) which means lots of protein shakes (mango and banana with french vanilla protein and a dash of cinnamon above on the picture), fresh fruits, oatmeal, and tons of veggies!


For example this red lentil soup that I’ve made for the first time in my life the other day. Because here we have a tradition of eating lentils on New Year’s Day, since they say if you do, you’ll be wealthy that year. But I just haaate lentils, especially the way they make it around here, eww. However, when we were in Istanbul, I tried red lentil soup and I simply fell in love! So I decided to make it for myself at home – and for the superstition: it doesn’t say what kind of lentil it has to be and in what form. So this should be just as good, right?


New Year’s Eve was pretty chill. I was pretty tired so decided to stay at home and celebrate with my parents and instead of all the champage I went with a hot bath. (Background info: I am a huge fan of Lush, I’ve tried almost all their bath bombs and I’m always so excited for getting new ones!) So I tried the ‘Shooting for the Stars’ bath bomb from Lush as a relaxing bath on NYE and it literally blew my mind!! It not only smells incredible, but OMG the colours! First it was just siplmy blue, then the star on it started to draw a yellow line, eventually making the water a deep blueish green. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, around half way in, purple little stars started melting out of the bomb, floatin around the water accompanied by light sparkles. It was so gorgeous I couldn’t believe. So if you have Lush around, gand buy this one right now, because I promise you will have the best bath time EVER.


As for new year’s resolutions: I don’t have any. However, I did set some fitness goals that I’d like to achieve this year. The first few are related to running, because on the last day of the year (after the last 5k, run in -3°C) I calculated my overall running distance in 2015, which turned out to be 479km! For the girl who still hated running in 2014, it is a huge achievement! And the others… I was amazed to see my body improve so much during this year with all this hard work and I feel so exicted to keep working even harder to see what my body really is capable of. In the first few months I want to focus on gaining (lean) muscle and toning then around April I’ll step up my cardio game and shred for the summer ~ and I’ll try to keep that form until the end of the year again. That’s the plan, we’ll see how it works out 🙂

How did you guys spend the holidays? Any goals set for 2016?

3 thoughts on “Holidays recap

  1. Yes, I also had a pretty mellow New Year’s 🙂 nothing too exciting, but still fun! BTW, you have to get your great grandmother’s recipe for that cake because it looks scrumptious! 😀 And you still look amazing regardless if you gained anything or not!

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