My first ever run in snow

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since the beginning of December. When I got into the Christmas spirit and it started becoming cold and winter-like, I realized that I have never run in snow before and that has to change!


Because last winter when we had snow, I was still at the very beginning of my running journey, didn’t even had the proper apparel for it, so when it started snowing and I wanted to run, I always decided to stick to the treadmill. Well, not this time!


It wasn’t actually snowing, but it was -6°C when I headed out to the park to run and the ground was still covered with snow from the snowfall we had yesterday. It was only about 3-4cm, but I was still just so excited!


I took my phone instead of my mp3 player (so I could take pictures) but I had to realize it had no music on it. (Memory card died abour two week ago…) Normally I couldn’t run without music, but this time I was so busy thinking ‘OMG this is so exciting, so beautiful! Just don’t slip don’t slip’ that I could run well even without music. I just loved seeing that everything was so white all around me and feeling the fresh snow crunch beneath my feet. It was just so perfect! (And I didn’t slip! Haha)


My time (18:13 for 3k) isn’t the best but that’s probably because I stopped to take pictures a few times and it always took me a few seconds to dig through the hundred layers of clothes to stop my TomTom.

Speaking about layers! In my previous post about running in the winter I mentioned it already but I just can’T emphasize it enough: the key is layering your clothes. The -6°C scared me a bit first, but I managed to put on enough layers – I wasn’t cold at all. Not even when I stopped for taking pictures! On my lower body I had a pair of tights and my NikePro Warm Static pants and socks. On my upper body I had a sportsbra, a sleevless top, a WarmGear long sleeve UnderArmour, another long sleeve running shirt and a zip jacket. And of course headband and gloves. After finding the right amount of clothes, I won’t be afraid of the cold anymore.


Overall, I really just loved the experience!

So if you have snow in your area, but you’ve been too scared of the cold and haven’t tried running in snow yet: layer up and get out the door! I promise you will have the best run of the season!

When I got home I refueled my body with a banana and a few (tea)spoonfuls of high protein peanut butter, yumm! Actually I didn’t feel tired at all, I felt super energized!

So I got another hour of studying done and headed to the gymmm! My dad said I was crazy, but as I said: my back and arms were perfectly rested, so why not? And as I planned, I did a little bit of back, then had an epic biceps workout! I finished off with a burnout set and oh boy! It was awesome!



One thought on “My first ever run in snow

  1. You’ve inspired me! I always seem to have my best runs when there’s a weather change (Either new fall leaves or one of the first days of spring..) but never when it’s snowed! I’ve been too scared to. I think I will definitely try running in the snow this season 🙂

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