Fun in the snow!

It’s got a bit warmer around here -from -6°C to +3°C- but it’s still really winter-ish! We had a lot of snow yesterday in the afternoon and night, but it stopped snowing by the morning and all we were left with was a beautiful white blanket on the ground and a nice warming sunshine.


The sunshine put me in such a good mood that I decided to make a fresh and healthy salad instead of some healthy-ish comfort food. It had a basic salad mix, tomatoes, red bell pappers, walnuts, raisins, goji berries and a lemon-honey-olive oil dressing. It turned out to be really good!

Here in the city the snow actually started melting, but look how wonderful the countryside looks now! Photo: MTI/Sóki Tamás

So after I finished studying for today, I convinced my dad to go to the park and take a few pictures in the snow!


My first idea was to take some running pictures in the snow. I love how my pink Adidas running shoes pop out in the pictures!


And especially in the winter I’m trying not to go all black on my outfit – I usually choose grey pieces nowadays. How do you like this combination?


Haha a candid shot right here! I think you can tell how much I loooved being out there in the snow and sunshine. I was actually jumping around like a little kid, I was so excited!


I just had so much fun with my dad! Making snowballs, throwing snow up in the air, running and jumping around. Today is my rest day, but I still felt pretty active out there. It made me wanna go for a run really bad, but I know my body needs rest now.

Dad caught me taking a selfi of us when we finished!

It was so good to forget everything else -mostly studying right now- and just go outside and enjoy this beautiful sunny day in the snow with Dad. (Who has a birthday today actually, so happy birthday Dad if you read this!) Sometimes you really have to just stop for a moment, stop worrying about responsibilites and just spend some fun time with the people you love 🙂


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