New split + supplements update

Hey guys! I’ve had a pretty tough  few weeks since I had all my exams in the first two weeks of January, hence the inactivity lately. But I am proud to say I finished the last one on Friday and I passed all of them with pretty good grades, so I’m really happy about them! Now I’m onto preparing application material for the universities (master’s program in Taiwan, keep your fingers crossed for me, guys!) until next semester starts in February. Anyhow, on to fitness!

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I’ve been super motivated ever since I came home from Istanbul and it didn’t fade at all, I actually just get more and more excited as I can see myself losing the little fat I gained and getting in shape again! However, I am not really satisfied with my butt right now, so for the upcoming few weeks I modified my usual split to focus more on this specific area, so it currently looks like this (starting this week):

  • Monday: glutes + hamstrings
  • Tuesday: back + biceps
  • Wednesday: 20-25 mins cardio + quads
  • Thursday: shoulders + triceps
  • Friday: 20-25 mins cardio + glutes
  • Satuday: cardio (spinning class or at least 5k running)
  • Sunday: REST DAY

(Note: I usually do 15 mins cardio before my workouts as a warmup. AndI tryy to add abs here and there, usually every second or third day. Which works out really well together with my diet, look!)

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I am planning to try this split for a few weeks and see how it goes. If I am satisfied I might go back to my regular routine (Mon. glutes, Wed. cardio, Fri. quads). Currently, I am trying to gain lean muscle and I am planning on stepping up my cardio game around March-April to get really in shape for the summer – but now I have to work hard so I’ll have muscles to show underneath!

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Therefore I am also paying attention to eating healthy, balanced meals five or six times a day and to always properly take my supplements. I am currently taking:

  • Multivitamins
  • Glucosamine (for my joints)
  • Scitec Winter-X (Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc)
  • Omega 3
  • SLAP (Scitec Nutrition, pre-workout)
  • Aminos (Scitec Nutrition Amino 5600 – which is an amino complex)
  • Trying out taking BCAA during my toughest workouts
  • And I will soon start taking 1000mg L-Carnitine before my cardio workouts again
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Overall, I am really excited to see results and it motivates me to work harder and harder every single day! Can’t wait for better weather (now we’re stuck with -10°C and no snow) to do more outsoorsy things!

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