Healthy food recap

In my last post I wrote about how my training and supplements have been lately and now I wanna make a recap post including some yummy food I’ve made in the last two or three weeks. Pretty randomly, not in a chronological order:)


First of all: salad! Usually I’m only in the mood for eating salads during the summer, however, this winter I make them a lot. Usually using a honey lemon olive dressing and just throwing together random toppings I have on hand at the moment but they usually turn out surprisingly well!


One of my favourite quick and healthy snacks: Greek yoghurt with banana slices, walnuts, shredded coconut and honey drizzle – the perfect afternoon noms!


And it was my first time making chia pudding! I didn’t expect it to keep me full for so long but it did! And it was so easy to make! I just wish chia was cheaper here, it’s still quite pricey since it’s relatively new on the market (here).


And at the same store where I bought the chia seeds I picked up this 9bar. All the protein bars just had so much sugar so I was happy to find this with almost 10g of protein which is still fine before a workout. I really liked it and it was also much cheaper than the other bars, so it was a win!


And yaaay for the best ever pumpkin banana bread with walnuts and dark chocolate chips, topped with a spoonful of diabetic berry jam. This was definitely my best breakfast this  week!


And have I mentioned how awesome my grandpa is? He is 83 years old but unlike many other grandparents, he understands that there is no point in baking me cookies and rather makes me healthy desserts like this fruit salad topped with almond slices. OMG it was so good! Thumbs up for them best grandpa ever!

What was the best healthy dish you ate lately?


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