Lean Bulking + Physique update

Life has been pretty hectic lately, working on my bachelor’s thesis, completing lots of paperwork for university appliations, holding trainings as a personal trainer and working out almost everday myself, that I haven’t really had the time to sit down and talk to you guys. But, with bae we’ve been updating our fitness instagram profile everyday, so make sure to follow @nulian.fit if you want to see what I’m up to 🙂


So fitness-wise, I’ve been lean bulking in the last few weeks. What does that mean? I’m trying to build muscle mass with gaining the least excess fat possible – and I gotta say it’s going pretty well!


I can see the improvements most on my biceps and shoulders, but my leg shape is also slooowly becoming more defined again. And I’m definitely feeling much stronger – I’m better at chin ups then before, I can pull myself up even at the first one without jumping up to the bar which is a huge step for me! And it’s such an amazing feeling that hard work really does pay off and I can really see and feel the results! Next step: pull up! Well, hopefully!


Lean bulking also means that I’m more flexible with my diet. I’m eating clean 80% of the time still, eating lots of veggies, chicken, bulgur, oats, making tons of smoothies, but I also allow myself more semi-healthy foods and occasional cheat meals every (other) week unlike when I’m on a stricter cutting diet right before summer. My next cheat meal currently planned: donuts on Thursday, yumm!


So I’ve just taken some progress pictures – I take some for myself every now and then to see how much I improved and what I should work more on- and I am proud of how I look right now, but still so not satisfies. I’d like to make more gainz and of course shred that little extra fat I still have on my hips, but that will only happen around April-May. Here is my favourite, what do you guys think?


What are your current fitness goals?
Do you also like to take progress pictures to keep track of your improvements?

8 thoughts on “Lean Bulking + Physique update

  1. You look absolutely wonderful! For me personally, I really like what I’ve been doing–just eating as clean as possible for the whole week (with a few naughty things here and there 😉 ), and the weekends for intermittent fasting! I’ve also been really looking into running more often but for some reason I find that I haven’t gotten the motive to do it, which is bad, but at least I still do other workouts!

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