Bright pants? Oh yes!

I have always felt a bit too intimidated to even think about wearing bright pants – black and grey were always a safe choice. But then I stumbled upon one of Nikki Blackketter’s video about “how to make your butt look good in pictures” (I know, I know but you girls probably understand, haha)

In this video Nikki said bright pants are great for your butt – and that’s when I started thinking. It’s something I’ve always been a bit scared of, but aren’t we supposed to get over these fears and try new things? I decided to do so and I bought a pair of bright greenish blue pants – the photos really don’t show it right.


I gotta add that I go to an engineering university’s gym that barely even has girls lifting other than me, not to mention girls wearing something like this. So I definitely stood out from the crowd there which made it a bit more intimidating, but the whole experience ended up feeling more… empowering. After all I am totally in love with this pair of pants and I really think they look great! And it teaches me to be proud of myself and accepting of my body – which is something a lot of us girls struggle with.


So if you’re in the same place that you’ve always wanted to try something but never did – then I challenge you to be bold, go ahead and give it a shot! It is fun and really empowering! Make sure to let me know what these things are for you and how it goes if you try!

Also: thoughts on bright pants?


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