What’s coming next?

In two weeks, my life is going to go through a great change by me moving back to Taiwan – and I wanted to give you guys a head’s up on what you can expect from me in the upcoming months.


Since fitness is my passion and part of my daily routine I will definitely keep up with my workouts – however in the first few weeks my schedule will probably be a little messed up as I’ll have to find a gym and just settle down in general. However I think it’d be useful for you guys to see how you can still keep up with fitness during a chaotic phrase of you life such as the process of moving abroad, so I’ll probably post about that!

Than once I have it all figured out, I’ll show you my surroundings, my new gym, healthy options for food in Taiwan, and all the goodies that comes with living there!



Last time when I spent a year in Taiwan I wrote a blog about my experiences in Hungarian – so I wouldn’t have to tell everybody again and again about what I had been up to. However this time I am planning to start vlogging instead (in English). In the last year or so I’ve been watching so many vlogs on Youtube and I think it’d be an awesome day to record my journey and life in Taiwan. I will probably post at least some of my vlogs on here too, so look out for them if you’re interested!



I am so excited to get back to rowing! In Hungary I didn’t have the time and opportunity so I am really looking forward to getting back to dragonboat! Also I decided to join a new team with lots of my friends as members so I am sure we’ll have a great time. I will probably post about our practices and post-practice adventures.

With my friends from the language school at Fulon beach in 2014

College life in Taiwan

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be a post-graduate student in Taiwan at National Chengchi University, so if you guys are interested, I might post about being a college student in Taiwan – cause I am sure it will be really different from being one in Europe. Also don’t really know what to expect from the transition from being an undergrad student to being postgrad – but I cannot wait to find out and take you all on this journey with me!


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